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The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

This is a classical implementation of the Rock-Paper-Scissors game. You will start with two short cognition tasks and from then on play against other players for rating points.

Please go to this website and follow the instructions:

Drawing: The players with the highest and the second highest rating will win an Amazon Gift Card with 20 EUR and 10 EUR respectively. Out of all others (with completed cognition tasks and at least 3 games of RPS), we will draw 2 Amazon Gift Cards for 10 EUR.

Completion Time: About 25min on average

Participation to enter the drawing possible until: 30th of November 23:59 

After completion: 

  1. Please send an email to  with the subject line “RPS” and
  2. your full name and
  3. send the code (in this case your UserId, shown at the right of your game screen)