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Sara Todorovikj




Research Interests

  • Predictive Modelling of Human Reasoning
  • Cognitive Models of Human Reasoning
  • Conditional Reasoning



  • Ragni, M., Wagner, F., & Todorovikj, S. (2020) The Power of Nonmonotonic Logics to Predict the Individual Reasoner. In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (pp. 208-213)University Park, PA: Applied Cognitive Science Lab, Penn State. 
  • Todorovikj, S., Friemann, P., & Ragni, M. (2019). Combining Mental Models and Probabilities: A new Computational Cognitive Approach for Conditional Reasoning. In Proceedings of the 17nd International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (pp. 261-266). University of Waterloo. 
  • Todorovikj, S., Friemann, P., & Ragni, M. (2019). A Cross-Domain Theory of Mental Models. In Pacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition Workshop (pp. 184-194). Springer, Cham.