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Syllogistic Reasoning

In this experiment, you will receive two sentences and have to decide, if a possible conclusion follows. There are 64 problems and some additional questions.

We are interested in the question, whether programmers and non-programmers show the same sort of performance in dealing with these kind of problems. We plan to correlate, completely anonymized, the performance of each participant with course grades of the lecture Informatik I. So, if you want or do not want the anonymous inclusion of your data in the correlation, please state so in your email (see below). 

Please visit the website:

Drawing: We will draw three Amazon gift cards each 10 EUR among all participants of this experiment

Participation to enter the drawing possible until: 23th of December 23:59

Completion Time: about 35min on average

After completion of the experiment, please

  1. send an email to with the subject line “Syllogisms” and 
  2. your full name and
  3. state Allow (if we you allow us to use your data and course credits anonymously for the correlation) or Prohibit (if we are not allowed to use your data and course credits) and
  4. your native language and if you have a good command of English and
  5. send the Code (at the End of the Experiment, you'll receive it)