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Past Projects and Theses

The following list is a selection of past projects and theses completed at our lab.

Bachelor's Projects

  • Christian Breu, Julia Mertesdorf (2018): Comparison of different Mental Model Theory implementations [pdf]
  • Julia Abels (2019): Multinomial Processing Trees: An Evaluation of Strategies for Model Optimization [pdf]

Bachelor's Theses

  • Robin Pröllochs (2018): Vergleich der kognitiven Architekturen ACT-R und Nengo anhand konditionaler Schlussfolgerungsprozesse
  • Maya Schöchlin (2018): Genetic Algorithms to Generate Heuristics about Human Syllogistic Reasoning [pdf]
  • Raffael Veser (2018): Learning Effects in Syllogistic Reasoning [pdf]

Master's Projects

  • Saskia Rabald (2019): Using Personal Information to Analyse Human Reasoning
  • Ashwath Sampath (2018): Spatial Reasoning and Prism Implementation and Comparison

Master's Theses

  • Patric Tippmann (2020): Predictor Analysis in Syllogistic Reasoning
  • Jonas Bischofberger (2019): Reconciling theories of syllogistic reasoning: Toward a unified model
  • Davoud Behroozian (2018): Learning Human Syllogistic Reasoning: The Role of Data Encoding
  • Mathias Zink (2018): Predictive Computing - Predicting Human Behaviour in Games [pdf]